Thanks for your lovely letter - Mrs. James Edward Wyszynski, Jr. - September 4, 2008

Dear Cindy and the Reunion Committee;

Thanks for your lovely letter.  I very much appreciate the invitation.  (I even asked you at the funeral to invite me) At that time, I thought I'd want to come.  Now, I feel like it would be too emotional for me and may spoil the night for the committee.

I will always remember how you came to meet him on the day you were supposed to meet in Brighton.  He had so looked forward to that day and to the reunion.  He was thrilled to be a part of the committee.

Ed always spoke fondly of High School and told many stories.  He had a phenomenal memory and gave detailed accounts of the fun he'd had.  One of the cutest stories is that at your 20th reunion, Rita Novak came up and kissed him and Ed said "Sure, now you'll kiss me!  Where the hell were you in High School?"

He always told stories about being in the play with Kevin Mott (who eventually was Ed's best man in our wedding), about the nuns (one bouncing some boy's head against the wall), an about his friends on yearbook staff - especially you Cindy.  I was never jealous because you'd all missed your chance and I got the most warm, loving, thoughtful, caring, funny, interesting, spectacular husband ever created!

Thank you all so much.  I hope you have a terrific event.  Maybe I'll feel differently about attending your 50th, so keep in touch.

Kay Boston Wyszynski
PROUDLY:Mrs. James Edward Wyszynski, Jr.

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