Re:An important message to SHHS 1968 classmates.
- Sandy (Tometczak) Baker -
September 16, 2008

HI from our second evacuation site!!  Your post sounds good, or you can put up the original, and this one too.  WE ARE O.K. Your prayers worked for Lake Jackson, as we were spared the worst of the storm.  It moved down the coast to Galveston, as you all probably know by now.

Evacuating to Crockett was not such a good idea.  The storm center went right over us.  While it was just a strong tropical storm, we did loose power Saturday morning.  We stayed one more night and headed for the hills-literally.  We went to what is called the "Hill Country" near San Antonio to say with some good friends.

Both our homes made it o.k.  We can go back to Lake Jackson on Wednesday.  But I changed my flight to leave from San Antonio, and will see everyone at the reunion.

The worst part was missing all the television broadcasts about the storm.  We had no clue what was happening everywhere until it was all over.  The devestation is unbelievable because Hurricane Alicia in 1983 was a stronger hurricane (cat. 3) made landfall in the same area, and did about 1/4th the damage that this category 2 storm.

So, hope the mail got through to Michigan!

See you soon,


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