Re:An important message to SHHS 1968 classmates. - Sandy (Tometczak) Baker - September 11, 2008

Dan: I'm Sandy (Tometczak) Baker writing to let you know that I am mailing the class memorabilia that I saved from High School so that you have it for the reunion.

I live in Lake Jackson TX 9 miles from the gulf of Mexico, and in the direct path of Ike as it makes landfall.  Our house is at 21' above sea level.  The tidal surge from the storm is supposed to go as high as 20 feet.  That's close!

It's going to be a cat 3 storm so not sure if I am going to make it to Michigan on my Wednesday flight as planned.  Although, if the airport is open, and flooding doesn't impede the hightways, I might get out of here just as stress relief!

My husband and I are waiting out Ike at our cottage in Crockett Tx which is 180 miles inland.  We're expected to get about 6 inches of rain here, and 75 mile an hour winds.  We have 2 families staying with us, lots of wine, beer, margaurita's and food.  It's like Noah's ark here: 2 dogs, a cat, a ferret, and 2 pet rats!

Not sure what we will come home to after the storm, which is why I am sending you the things I wanted to bring to the reunion.

Our property is well insured, anything that's important is here in Crockett.  (Yes, that's as in Davey Crockett-the great Alamo hero....)

Catch ya' later,


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