An important message to SHHS 1968 classmates. - Bill - September 13, 2008

Sandy (Tometczak) Baker sent the committee a note on Sept. 11, 2008.  I would normally write her back and ask for permission to post it on the website, but that isn't possible.  So I will post one of my own, and relay the pertinent points along with come original thoughts.

Sandy lives in Lake Jackson TX 9 miles from the gulf of Mexico, and in the direct path of the hurricane.  She and her husband have taken refuge at their cottage, some 180 miles inland.  She informs us that the projected surge level of 20 feet is below the 21-foot level of her house.  Even if you factor in network hyperbole, that doesn't leave much margin of error.

Sandy emailed us to say she was shipping her class memorabilia so that everyone could enjoy it, in the event she has to cancel her trip (assuming the airports are even operational by then.)  I hope everyone will take a moment to say a few prayers for the Bakers, and all the other Bakers along the coast.  People whom, when faced with the possibility of personal devastation, still take the time to be concerned about doing something nice for others.  I'm not sure sharing school memorabilia would have even crossed my mind under even remotely similar circumstances.  Hopefully communication will be up in time to see how she fares, and maybe get her permission to post her message.  My hope is that we are all able to thank her personally on the 20th.


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