After reading all the messages... - Bob Harrington - September 8, 2008

After reading all the messages posted friday evening wouldn't ya know, I had a dream that night about the reaunion.  It was taking place in the gym at the old school.  I didn't know anyone and know one knew me.  Well that might realley happen in a couple weeks, since its been twenty years since I last saw anyone, except maybe Buz.  I never knew most of you more than one year but it did give me many memories.  The "Great Snowman" or "Go Gus Go" and many others.  It was disheartening to see the passing of Ed, I was looking forward to talking to him about the Nixon ralley I attented with him in 68.  I know he was near the front of the line to greet Tim Russert into heaven and talk politics with him.  I want to say THANKS now to all who helped put this together, I won't remember when I'm there.  See ya all in a couple weeks and I will wear something.

Bob Harrington

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