...it seems that there is little left to say. - Denise -August 28, 2008

As my fellow committee members have written such eloquent, tender, and heartfelt messages, it seems that there is little left to say. However, I will say just a little more. I feel very sad that some of our classmates have serious health issues, and it is also sad that we have lost many of our classmates. God bless them. I wish we could all be together again.

I have many fond memories of my high school years, except when I was on the Homecoming Court and the float that we made fell on me. Still, it was funny, but not so much at the time. We were still proud of the float, anyway. September 20th should be a night of celebration filled with great music (thanks to Danny and Bill), trying to dance without hurting ourselves, and laughing at all the goofy things we did so many years ago. I'm sure that we still do goofy things, but we probably don't remember them! I am so thankful to my fellow committee members. They all worked so hard to make this a very special night. I am also very thankful that I can be here.


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