Yep kids... - Joe - August 26, 2008

Yep kids (and I hope there is still a little bit of KID in all of us), forty years have come and gone.  At our last reunion 10 years ago, we shared pictures of our children and how we were surviving teenagers.  Today we share pictures of our grandchildren and the joys of being grandma and grandpa.  We also share the gray hair, the extra pounds, and the occasional (and sometimes not so occasional) senior moments.

It is amazing that many of us have known each other for some 50 years.  For some, it began in the 1st grade and for others somewhere in between.  I began my 'journey' in the 2nd grade with Sr. Miriam Collette---and don't ask how I remembered that.  I like to think of it as a journey, a journey that continued on a daily basis in building the foundation of who we are today.  Brick by brick, stone by stone, we learned to love God, to value and respect one another, knowing that each one of us was put here for a purpose.  We remember the pep rallies, the sporting events, sitting on gym bleachers by classes.  PA announcements, that no one really listened too.  The school dances, Homecoming and building the floats.  We remember the first day as a freshman and the last day as a Senior.  The list goes on and on.  And as we reminisce, we cannot help but think back and remember our classmates that have gone before us.  Memories and moments that we carry tucked in a special pocket in our hearts.

I personally want to express my appreciation to the members of the Reunion Committee for letting me be a part of what we hope is an unforgettable experience.  We certainly had fun.  It is our hope that each of you has as much fun as we did, that you reconnect with old friends or rekindles an old friendship that was put aside by life's other commitments.  Everyone, have a terrific evening full with laughter and song.


Oh yeah, about that kid thing---I would like to share a picture of me and my 6 year old little girl. Her name is Lena. She helps keep the KID alive in me. She keeps me young---tired but young.

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