Much has changed in the last forty years... - Cindy - August 23, 2008

Much has changed in the last forty years, since we walked away from a place most of us had practically called "home" from the time we were six years old.  In the process of planning this reunion, I have, in some ways, never felt more connected.  Even though we have been separated by time, distance, careers, and daily commitments, the many enjoyable conversations that I have experienced with former classmates recently have shown that we share many more similarities than differences.

I have spoken to so many people in the last few months, I almost feel that I have already been to the reunion!  It has been such fun to laugh about silly things that happened in high school, to learn something new about the people I really didnít know very well years ago, and to re-connect with old friends that seemed to fade away as we moved on to adult life.  It has been heart-warming to have people offer to help us find our "missing persons", too.  I wish I could tell you that all the news has been fun and entertaining, but we have shared the heartache of hearing about the deteriorating health of some of our friends, and worse, the passing of others.  After each conversation, I discovered that our common ground now is the lessons learned from our fifty-eight years of life experiences.  No matter what path of life you chose or where you decided to live or work, none of us has found a way to avoid lifeís bumps and snags, and I hope we have all taken the time to embrace lifeís joys, as well.

On September 20th, some of our classmates will be attending their first reunion.  Others will be attending their fourth. For some, itís been ten or twenty years.  If the conversations I have had are any indication of the conversations you will enjoy that evening, I know you will have a great time.  It has been a pleasure for the Committee to plan this event for you.  We have shared our talents and ideas, re-built friendships, and had a lot of fun.  We are happy to have been a part of this, and we hope that you leave that evening feeling happy to have been a part of this, too.


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